How do our nohand ladies
give you pleasure?

In our club, you can play as you have a maid dedicated to sex who will do anything you tell them to do.

As our trade name indicates, here you can do whatever and whenever you want and make all your wishes come true with our nohand services.

Although there are plenty of massage parlors,
we focus on such a high quality of plays and services as your wife or girlfriend can never do for you.

You really don't need to do anything.
Just relax on your seat and you can receive a series of pleasure.

Just have a seat like a king,
and you'll feel you have an erotic maid.

The services of a high-class call girl is provided as the baseline.
You may feel, "can I get such a high-level service?" but that is our "no-hand" style.

You can never experience this with your girlfriend or wife but that's what our nohand ladies are good at.


Few club provide a real hot catbath service even if they have such a description for their service. In our nohand style, you can enjoy like a king a hot steamy catbath by a selected housewife.

Deep Ball & Groin Licking

Ball & groin licking gradually arouses your sexual pleasure and doubles it at the moment of ejaculation. Your groin could unintentionally twitch.


Anus is a secret erotogenic zone for men but it must be difficult for you to tell your wife or girlfriend about it. Just lay your shyness aside in our nohand service and leave your everything to your nohand ladies.

Finally, you take the initiative as a man.
Release all your wild lusts.

You keep on making her come and moan. You can play however you like.
You can get excited as much as you want until reaching ecstasy without hesitation.

You want to do it again
or get massaged after finishing?

Please enjoy until the end of the time. That's our nohand style.
It's up to you whether you sexually arouse yourself after experiencing an ecstasy or you relax with a comfortable massage.