Hentai Lesbian

Pairing A (Tao, Be)

Pairing B (Shiho, Yuki)

  • Name:Oscar
    Munleh, Germang

    #hentai lesbian

    Just wanted to correct my negative statement when I left you a few minutes ago.

    Shiho did a great job in the first 40 minutes, no complaints there, on the contrary. Then they did a great job togehter for about 20 minutes I think, but it was really Shiho that was driving. Yuki was beautiful and did an ok job on her own, but as I mentioned I was a bit disappointed on their interaction, when you say Lesbians and also charge 10000 you expect at least that they spend at least some time in bed girl on girl… they did not even kiss each other. So what you could call it is Duo, in order not to create false expectations. Just so you know in Germany you pay about the same and then it’s really lesbian.

Pairing C (Uru, Mugi)

Pairing D (Rui, Apple)

Pairing E (Tao, Cat)

Just Double (Cat, Shiho)

  • Name:Jackson
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Excellent Service when two performing together just like the pornography in real life.
    It is a must try service, which making my Bangkok nightlife be even more beautiful ever.

  • Name:Joe
    Miami, US

    These girls work good together. Both very sweat. Great sex. Rooms very clean. Not cheap but well worth it.