bangkok massage | 蜜 MITU
bangkok massage | 蜜 MITU

Massage for gentlemen only.

MITU massage lady ESSE
Twilight time 5pm to 8pm, Discount 100baht, From 25th to 30th on September.
LB CLUB MITU promotion | for Outcall only.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

Our club is non-smoking, with the exception of one designated space for those who wish to smoke.

Fresh morning 10am to 1pm, Discount 100baht, From 19th to 30th on September.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

Massage reviews

  • Bangkok Japanese massage.
    Air T165.B88.W63.H87


    MITU a female massager Although a sexual feeling massage is male-oriented service, though there are also few stores of the feeling massage of feminity, there is usually.
    However, I think that a success of a store which provides female-oriented sexual service is very much difficult.
    Although the soapland where a male receives the customers for women was located in some areas a long time ago, there is memory crushed immediately.
    That a male becomes a player in the store of sexual service has [ that it is various and ] a difficult field.
    I think that it is the fundamental cause that he cannot enjoy itself 100% if it is with the man who just met since a woman feels not only by the body but by the heart.
    And another is the balance of demand and supply.
    The woman in the above-mentioned is a place which is different from the store where demand provides the sexual service for males in the place referred to as being unable to enjoy oneself 100%.
    However, the stores of the sexual feeling massage for males are increasing in number rapidly conversely.
    Is it because it is a young man's plant-eating-ized phenomenon and the food and entertainment business which suited the needs of the time too?
    It seems that the stores of a male-oriented sexual feeling massage have been increasing in number also to Bangkok recently.
    This type of sexual feeling massage store is very much prospering recently.
    A number in which at least the sukhumvit of the central part of Bangkok is the most now of sexual feeling massage stores for males have stood side by side.
    I think that it does not have a long distance so that the store which can cure the woman who was tired in modern society is made, either, since the sexual feeling massage store for women is also recognized little by little in Bangkok.
    It seems that there is secret popularity among the madams of middle-aged cost especially.

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Chika T:163,B:87,W:60,H:83


    MITU a female massager Since he got tired today, service of sexual feeling esthetic is recommended at the visitor who would like to relax with passive service.
    A sexual feeling massage of our shop points out the massage which raises a sexual feeling literally.
    Since a sexual feeling massage is for raising a sexual feeling, it is excited to a male and it must be got from him.
    In order to make it excited, a testis massage, eye nip rim, etc. are effective.
    There is a massage which raises a sexual feeling and there is also a massage which stimulates the usual jar.
    while massaging by being a erotic method of a point the jar aggressiveness of a hand -- it is excited.
    At our shop, it operates so that the flow of lymph may be made smooth by synchronization using a lotion. the case where it cannot bear and bear since there is also a place where the body curves intolerably depending on a part since the whole body has a sexually sensitive area it is.
    Although a part is approached over many hours, it goes on, while beginning and irritating an operation from a distant place.
    And in order to emit the hot flash raised even to the limit, the ejaculation of the lump of the sexual desire which is irritated and is likely to explode which shifts to acting before the audience can obtain pleasure to the extent that it cannot taste usually.
    So that the effect is called energy recovery and dissolution of erectile dysfunction.
    How about experiencing individual difference once, of course, since it is, respectively?

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Pinky T:162,B:85,W:58,H:85


    MITU a female massager It is said that sexual feeling esthetic leads to energy reinforcement or dissolution of erectile dysfunction.
    Slowly, the contents perform a hips massage and nipple rim, lymph drainage massage and, a testis massage, and a groin lymph stimulus, while irritating.
    The sexual feeling increases gradually by doing a dirty thing over time, and ejaculation which becomes infatuation can be enjoyed, obtaining the pleasure which cannot be tasted usually.
    With health and ordinary sex, it is completely called the pleasure of a different thing.
    Service of the soapland was united with the sexual feeling esthetic.
    Don't thing which wants to regain energy like at the time of his teens or his twenties like at that time with much use of such a direction?
    Many a young man's use is heard recently.
    The driving distance of ejaculation to the extent that he is surprised for it to be too pleasant comes out.
    A sexual feeling massage also follows the contents of a play of a soapland by a set.
    There are a food and entertainment business and a food and entertainment business where the method of raising a sexual feeling has a those with various and sexual feeling massage and service of only fellatio since the same genre also differs in a concept.
    As for such food and entertainment businesses, although a genre and a course are also various, it is pleasant that course selection united with feeling can be performed.
    How about carrying out skilled?

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Shela T:157,B:85,W:61,H:85


    MITU a female massager Erotic shop is the place to fulfill the man of dreams is my theory.
    And our shop that fulfilled the dream of everyone in the world of men.
    Servants whom if men think themselves want to his genital area. Hardness and durability of the heyday, such as the junior high school students, and what the ejaculation force to say, it is necessary Eros is. Moreover, rather than just of Eros, Eros just does beast in the man any moment is...
    When you pursue Eros, it is passive to reach the final. To say the goodness of passive I think he or she is not to say that get used comfortably without anything. Its pleasant pleasure is increased by increasing the erogenous to the maximum we can get the pleasure of about more than the imagination. Force nipple lick and, until the nipple massage ... now, is to vigorously ejaculated sperm fell on my face that I was the most surprised.
    It was also whether the surprised increasing power so far. I think that'd like to see the pros and cons' s experience to everyone. Because in our shop is it happening in reality, and I have gotten to realize also to our customers.
    Also, erotic women from the late twenties Speaking in a sexy woman in their 40s it is has been particularly said to stimulate the brain of man. Since the average age of our enrolled women will be in the late 20s. Is a shop that get to become comfortably both physically and mentally in soapy massage, I want to be a sex shop to fulfill your dreams.

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