bangkok massage | 蜜 MITU
bangkok massage | 蜜 MITU

Massage for gentlemen only.

MITU massage lady ESSE
Twilight time 5pm to 8pm, Discount 100baht, From 25th to 30th on September.
LB CLUB MITU promotion | for Outcall only.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

Our club is non-smoking, with the exception of one designated space for those who wish to smoke.

Fresh morning 10am to 1pm, Discount 100baht, From 19th to 30th on September.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Our goal is your satisfaction, and we will make every effort to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience.

10a.m. to 10p.m(at the reception)
You can also make reservations via email at

Massage reviews

  • Bangkok Japanese massage.
    Tuk T:155,B:84,W:62,H:86


    MITU a female massager Now even sex industry is a state that is overflowing information. It often in recent photograph is of course but also video. However, I like the description of the play content in After all comic. Even if you think so much cute and not, and has become a real Miss cartoon We are worried about carelessly. Cartoon culture of Japan is proud.
    I also Although it is no longer in now to buy a bother naughty cartoon, and end up in reading comics again in the net is in this net era, I remember the excitement. In particular erogenous play content that is concerned about recently is attracted Te very erotic when looking at the cartoon.
    It looks like there is also a professional site. I'm tempted to go to the shops almost always when looking at the charming play content. Of course, this also but I know to have been somewhat exaggerated, either from being repeated it would just me?
    The person who was there is actually uncertain part than the actual video is attracted to, what not to coincide with the theory that the erotic is more of underwear than back things that are visible all? It is a strange creature me man. But, I want to go obediently live in such instinct. There are erotic cheers.

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Koi T:165,B:85,W:58,H:86


    MITU a female massager The shop We have been using the "one phone call in the nuru nuru massage" to everyone.
    Feel the decline of energy, at the time it is a "by energy up, incidentally hard as I want to be pleasant" nuru-sensitive nuru massage that me grant such a wish.
    Specifically it will make the penis of nuru massage, such as nuru massage glans around friendly testicle nuru massage genitals in etch.
    Usually relaxes the part you do not move too much, to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, the last ... encourage the discharge of waste will be committed to good finish Mr. of very pleasant.
    Sometimes gently in the hands of a soft woman, sometimes whether even this disgusting, various means to be fed out one after another.
    To put up with ejaculation is ... dimension stop also difficult.
    Mind, "You can not take it anymore. Issued please let" while agony and, ultimately explosive and fired a sperm that's hoarding a large amount.
    That's right are many students who "was not so much that the good feelings in you have lived until now."
    If you live in Bangkok, nuru massage in the way it is in traveling by work and travel also if you want to also taste At the same time naughty thing, please call our shop without hesitation. After one phone call I can enjoy to your heart's content the nuru nuru massage just wait!
    So we are waiting for your phone even today.

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Pinky T162.B85.W58.H85


    MITU a female massager When was the go-go bars and soapy massage do you choose either?
    For example, in the case of me, do not do something horny today, today in go-go bar the day it's such a want rampage, on the contrary, I was tired today, I think I'm a soapy massage when you have come to the naughty mood.
    By the way, we are exclusively massage or because you are tired at work in recent years. It is also good that unique atmosphere I massage.
    I mean to be able to relax the mind settle down, just be a Handjob in ... such atmosphere what that I am excited.
    So nice place of massage that I think, and healed while there is Nuqui! Here it is the best.
    Such shops like come true the dream of everyone is there in our shop system. new sense born by regular technique that had polished the arms workshop has been fused with "erotic".
    Level of women also has a commitment to a matter of course technique. That is, we enjoy there was no massage technique to sex shop until now to a sex shop.
    Of course only massage technique does not change the massage shop of the town. You become what you are able to excitement as a sex shop by interwoven the "erotic".

  • Bangkok Japanese massage.
    Hana T157.B84.W60.H86


    MITU a female massager You know that there is a very important nuru massage element is actually in the human body for might be a little man to hear the buttocks massage is imagine a situation such as adult video to massage the buttocks of women say butt massage UGA?
    There is a lot of muscle in the ass, gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, Odono muscles and piriformis such, there is important muscle to maintain or posture support the body weight.
    These or tired, it becomes a numbness or cause of leg pain and pressure on the sciatic nerve or cause of low back pain and has been hard.
    But, usually I'm in my so hard to reach the hand I ass I can not massage.
    Erotic by sophisticated esthetician and if our guests can enjoy plus evolved ass massage. It is perfect for those who being buttocks massage from the man seems to be Cho and .... An ordinary ass massage is a massage that can not be to never experience.
    And heal tired of your body is a matter of course, we have become what you are able to the excitement.
    I think as both like to born when the mayonnaise and ketchup met "Aurora source" is similar to a chemical reaction that bring out the good part of each other.

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Aya T:156,B:85,W:62,H:86


    MITU a female massager Since the shop erotic massage had been tired gone too far in Japan, we believe that it will go on over there to find a shop that soon different.
    First I erotic massage is I was well young Tsu softening, but also reading character as described in the "sexual" and "feel" but did not expect only about What a massage, that also massage When I received emergency As words are entered, or rather the base will be excited to do that feels sexually while massage, or try to enter teasing is, the touch is to direct a portion that you feel suddenly sexual Klez, from its surroundings It will pretty excited even in a place called gradually Stop playing cat and mouse that come gradually approaching.
    Again, it is mainly male genitalia but nipples and ass in addition to it, such as the back and legs.
    Where is a very good feeling to be massage.
    And to shops that had been through the I and I'm a naturally nice shops because much is become addicted but got bored a little, when the girl anxious shops are looking for another shop because I do most of playing , such as soap massage in addition to the erotic massage in Bangkok, Thailand, since found a shop that is quite intriguing of the original content of play, I think on this occasion to try to use the over there in the shop.

  • Bangkok Japanese massage.
    Hana T157.B84.W60.H86


    MITU a female massager Speaking I common customs, from those casual content is easy-to-understand Pinksalon and health something of, I do not go ordinary people 's bi willingly called luxury shops, the minute, I think you are on a variety until soap taste of the king mood?
    Do each but I think playing to suit their own preferences, was you know surprisingly little me people who have actually experienced a naughty massage person? It happens Do you How are reading this article?
    With those who have not yet experienced, How many people have not taken good enough to obscure the service content to split the price?
    When our services are easy to say, it's content that fused the firm erotic massage and Turkish bath. In particular I would like to recommend is the lower body massage.
    Testicles and thighs that groin root and of course penis massage I do not think that it has experienced everyday. And it's a revolutionary services such as asked to release plenty of sperm to boost the naughty mood while the massage is carefully carefully over time.
    Then, the most important element to the naughty massage, ordinary and beautiful OL's, is that young wife, get to doing a wonderful women who do touch in everyday life, such as college student. Because I do not cage women not accustomed to naughty mood, please experience by all means.
    It becomes habit.

  • Bangkok Japanese massage.
    Soda T159.B84.W59.H85


    MITU a female massager Everyone, are not you tired of your work in hot?
    Mood just hot is what or not so good.
    Such is to everyone and ask them to a "sexual nuru massage" to "etch women", it is recommended that you refresh both mentally and physically.
    Sexual and erotic nuru massage?
    Still, those who do not that it has been experience I think unclear if they were carried out actually what play.
    The idea bland nuru massage to anyway male genitalia? If you thought, only directly stimulate the erogenous zone, it will not be able to obtain a pleasure like penetrate from head to toe fingers.
    In general, men are erogenous zones than women have been said to be concentrated on the local, it is not necessarily the case.
    I asked to slowly lymphatic nuru massage from the body of the end to the naughty woman, at the same we will receive a nuru massage that was at the same time close contact with the body.
    When it is in close contact with the naughty women, also increases feelings by pounding.
    And while slowly receiving a lip service, such as licking nipples, and taste slowly the feeling that sperm is raised, let's put out at once what had been accumulated in the last place where it can no longer endure. ... It is not in any way embarrassed even got fired immediately.
    It has earned a really pleasant and high evaluation.
    We also look forward to your visit from everyone today.

  • Bangkok nuru massage.
    Air T165.B88.W63.H87


    MITU a female massager Everyone's body and mind do not you tired?
    Speaking of heal a tired body, it is anyone you know "massage".
    In, When the tired mind, what would you do?
    We get to heal her and family.
    Still, loose not heart massage, in our shop of nuru massage, or does not heal?
    In our shop we offer an adhesion massage while tasting a lover mood.
    Massage feel all passively while close contact with nipple licking and Face sitting.
    Usually is not me quite to her also.
    After over, mind body also MUST be refreshing.
    When women and farewell, we think guests feel thoughts drawn the back hair.
    And also today, as will a massage can offer, such as get to think harder and is open Good luck.
    We look forward to seeing your phone from everybody.

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